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Officewise Statement of Immovable Property List of Morena District (M.P.)
Statement of Immovable Property - 2010
Zila Panchayat, Morena
Collector Office, District Morena
S. P. Office, Morena
Collector Office (Local Election), Morena
Chief Medical  & Health Officer, Morena
Collector Office (General Election), Morena
District Education Centre RGSM, Morena
Collector Office (Mining Section), Morena
DIET, Morena
PRO Office, Morena
SDM Office, Joura
SDM Office, Morena
SDM Office, Sabalgarh
Ayurved Office, Morena
SDM Office, Ambah
RTO, Morena
Tehsil Office, Morena
Public Works Department, Morena
Tehsil Office, Kailaras
Public Works Department Sub Division 1, Morena
Tehsil Office, Sabalgarh
Public Works Department Sub Division 2, Morena
Tehsil Office, Joura
Public Works Department Sub Division 3, Morena
Tehsil Office, Porsa
Public Works Department Sub Division 4, Ambah
Public Works Department Sub Division 5, Sabalgarh
District Ground Water Survey Unit, Morena
District Tribal Welfare, Morena
Forest Office, Morena
District Registrar Office
District Education Office, Morena
Nagar Palika, Ambah
Public Health Engineering, Morena
Nagar Panchayat, Joura
D.D., Veternary, Morena
Nagar Panchayat, Kailaras
District Antayavasayee Co-op. Dev. Society,
Govt. Boys H.S.S. No. 2 Morena
Rural Engineering Services, Morena
BRC, Kailaras
Panchayat & Social Welfare, Morena
BRC, Pahadgarh
Water Resources Division, Morena
BRC, Sabalgarh
Water Resources Division, Sabalgarh
Fisheries Department, Morena
Water Resources Sub Division No. 1, Sabalgarh
District Women & Child Development Office
Water Resources Sub Division No. 2, Sabalgarh
ICDS Morena (Urban)
Water Resources Sub Division, Birpur
ICDS Morena (Rural)
Water Resources Sub Division, Kailaras
ICDS Ambah
Dy.  Registrar Co-operative Society, Morena
ICDS Joura
A. Registrar Co-operative Society (Audit), Morena
ICDS Kailaras
Disrict Treasury Office, Morena
ICDS Pahadgarh
District GramUdyog Office, Morena
ICDS Porsa
District Food & Civil Supply Office, Morena
ICDS Sabalgarh
Govt. P. G. College, Morena
Agriculture Extension & Training Centre, Morena
Govt. Girls College, Morena
Assistant Soil Conservation Office, Morena
Horticulture Office, Morena
BEO, Joura
Janpad Panchayat Office, Sabalgarh
BEO, Morena
Nagar Panchayat Office, Banmore
BEO, Kailaras
Nagar Panchayat Office, Jhundpura
Farmer Welfare & Agriculture Development Office,
Nagar Panchayat Office, Sabalgarh
District Employment Officer, Morena
Water Resources Sub Division (EM), Morena
District Excise Officer, Morena
District Trade and Industries Centre, Morena
Govt. College, Sabalgarh
NapTol Department, Morena
Govt. Girls H.S.S. No. 2 Morena
Govt.  High School Sarseni
Govt. Girls H.S.S. Kailaras
Govt.  H.S.S. Dimani
Govt.  H.S.S. Rithora Kalan
Govt. Boys High School, Ambah
Govt. High School, Jeegani
Govt.  H.S.S. Didokhari
Govt.  High School Baghpura
G. D. Jain H.S.S. Morena
Govt.  H.S.S. Nurabad
Govt.  M.L.B. Girls H.S.S. No. 1 Morena
M.P.S.E.B., Morena