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National Chambal Sanctuary

The National Chambal Sanctuary was formed to protect this pristine river ecosystem, complete with its varied
flora and avifauna. With its headquarters at Morena, M.P., the Chambal river which is mainstay for the entire
wildlife of the sanctuary harbours a variety of aquatic life like the elusive Ganges River Dolphin, Crocodile (
Muggar), Gharial ( Gavelia Gangeticus ), Freshwater Turtles, River Otters and a various species of fishes. All of
which can quite easily be seen by tourists within the sanctuary area, especially in the middle reaches in the
downside of Rajghat Bridge on National Highway No. 3.

The Crocodile Centre at Deori, Morena nearby is the only one of its kind in the entire state of Madhya Pradesh
and has recently been opened to public. The centre helps breed and rehabilitate Crocodiles and Gharials in the
Chambal. The river boasts of a population of over 200 Crocodiles and 1600 Gharials. Active efforts are now to
protect the Ganges River Dolphins.

The rare Ganges River Dolphin (Platanista Gangetica), the sole member of the Cetaceans group is one of the
main attraction of the sanctuary. So called the queen of Chambal, the Dolphins inspite of being blind can be seen
pursuing their playful antics in the water while coming out to breathe for air. The Chambal sanctuary is one of
their safest breeding areas. And one has to really lucky to sight one while cruising in the Chambal.

The surrounding environs of the river are a true bird watchers delight. During the season (November-March) one
can see thousands of migratory and resident birds flock at the shores of river. At least 150 species of birds have
been identified. Species of birds in abundance are the Bar-headed Geese, Brahmini Duck, Common Teal,
Pelicans, Flamingoes and Cormorants. One can have an easy sighting of the Indian Skimmer- the highest
population of which in the world is found in Chambal.

Tourists to the sanctuary can enjoy its many sights by motor boats specially provided by the Forest Department
of Madhya Pradesh. Complete safety within the peripheries of the sanctuary is ensured by the local authorities.
And one can freely enjoy the natural wonders of the sanctuary which during the 50's and 60's was largely hidden
due to the presence of dacoits.
Stringent measures to protect the fragile ecosystem of the sanctuary are followed by the authorities. The visitors
are also advised not to disturb, spoil the serenity of the surrounding environs or help in poaching activities directly
The National Chambal sanctuary can be easily reached by road, rail and air.

Accomodation :

  1. Morena :Deori Eco Centre, Morena.
    Hotel Radhika Palace, Near old Bus Stand, Morena
    Tariff - Ordinary room Rs. 150/- per day
    Semi delux room Rs. 250/- per day.
                 A.C. room Rs. 500/- per day approx.
                 Hotel Rajshri, Station Road, Morena.
    Tariff - Standard room Rs. 150/- per day
    Delux room Rs. 250/- per day 
                 A.C. room Rs. 400/- per day approx 
                 Sitaram Dharamshala, Near Bus Stand, Morena.
                  Madanlal Mittal Dharamshala, M.S. Road, Morena .
                 Panchayati Dharamshala, Opposite Bihariji Mandir, Morena .
                 Mahor Vaishya Dharamshala, Near Railway Station, Morena.
  2. Gwalior: Various non-star hotels and star hotels.
  3. Agra    :  Various five star hotels and three star hotels.