District Administration Morenachambal

Location : Morena is located at 26.5°N 78.0°E.
Elevation : It has an average elevation of 177 metres (580 feet).
Major Rivers: Chambal, Kunwari, Asan, Sank

Morena is derived from the mor + raina means the place where peacock is enormously found..The surrounding region was formerly occupied by the princely states of Sheopur and Tonwarghar. The lower Chambal River basin consists of an alluvial tract in the north, cut by numerous ravines, and a forested area toward the south.

District Administrative Setup
Sub-division Tahsil Block Nagar Nigam
/Nagar Parishad
Morena Morena Morena Morena (NN)
Ambah Ambah Ambah Ambah
Joura Joura Joura Joura
Sabalgarh Sabalgarh Sabalgarh Sabalgarh
Kailaras Kailaras Kailaras
Porsa Porsa Porsa
Pahargarh Jhundpura

Historically, much of modern-day Morena was part of what used to be the princely state of Gwalior. When India gained its independence in 1947, the princely states were made to accede to the newly established government of India. Morena acquired its present boundaries, as well as the princely state of Pahargarh, located to the south of the district. A new state, Madhya Bharat, was formed and Morena was included as one of its constituents. On November 1, 1956, another reorganization of the states in India was declared and Madhya Bharat was merged with the other states to form a new state which is the present Madhya Pradesh. Morena acquired its present status and was made one of the new state’s districts.

Main crops :Wheat and oilseeds are the main crops
Occupation :Agriculture and building stone is quarried.

About 50% of the total area is available for cultivation, with more than half of that cultivable area already receiving irrigation. The major source of irrigation are canals, comprising about 42.94% of the total irrigated area. The most important grain product produced in the district is wheat while mustard is the most important oil seed cultivated; mustard production is pretty much what Morena is famous for.

Chief Industries : Oilseed milling and cotton weaving are the chief industries
Famous Industries : KS oils and JK Indutries.

Aside from this agricultural endeavour, several industries have also set up operations, a majority of which are in the Industrial Development Center in Banmore. Some of the more well-known of these industries include J.K. Industries Ltd which manufactures automobile tires and radials , KS oils HQ is situated here and Gwalior Milk Centre that manufactures butter and skimmed milk.

Attraction : Kakan Math Temple, Jain Temple, Kutwar,Padawali, Mitawali, Shanichara
Famous Industries : Mustard, Gajak amd Peacock

Morena is famous for its mustard production and one of the most famousMorena is known for its peacocks. Notably, Chambal region is known for mustard cultivation. Peacocks love to feed on the worms and other insects found in the mustard crops. It is one of the main reasons for huge number of peacocks found in the region.Gajak is a well-known sweet originating at Morena. It is made of sesame and jaggery specially manufactured in the winter season. Other local sweets include bedaai, gujia, and pede.

How to reach :

Morena can be reached by air via the airport in Gwalior, which is about 46 kilometers away. The district can also be reached by road via the Agra-Mumbai National Highway, and by train on the main trunk broad gauge railway that joins Delhi-Madras and Delhi-Bombay via Bhopal.