Country : INDIA State : Madhya Pradesh
Area : 80Km2 Latitude 26.5N Logitude 78.0 E

District Administrative Setup
Sub-division Tahsil Block Nagar Nigam
/Nagar Parishad
Morena Morena Morena Morena (NN)
Ambah Ambah Ambah Ambah
Joura Joura Joura Joura
Sabalgarh Sabalgarh Sabalgarh Sabalgarh
Kailaras Kailaras Kailaras
Porsa Porsa Porsa
Banmore Pahargarh Jhundpura

Morena is a district, in the state of Madhya Pradesh. There are the administrative headquarters of the Morena district and of the Chambal division. It is 39 km from Gwalior. About 50 percent of the total geographical area is available for cultivation. About 58.74 percent of the cultivable area in the district is irrigated. Canal is the major source of irrigation which accounts for 42.94 percent of the total irrigated area. Wheat is the most important food grain grown in the district. Mustard is the most important oil seed grown in the district. Major kharif crop is Bazra. On the whole Morena district with rich agricultural tract, is in the stage of development. The topography is also gradually changing with the reclamation of ravines for agricultural purpose, through the ChambalAyacutDevelopment Project

The district is drained by the important rivers like Chambal, Kunwari, Asan and Sank. The Chambal which originates in the Indore district forms the north-western boundary of Madhya Pradesh with Rajasthan. A wild river, broken hills , deep ravines and to top it all the violent legends of man and beast. The Chambal is name of rugged, raw, untamed, wilderness right in the heart of India. Flowing through its length of 435 kms the National Chambal Sanctuary covers three states of M.P. , U.P., and Rajasthan.

The river Chambal is one of the country's most beautiful and least polluted river system

The dubious diction of Morena being region of dacoits, since dacoits have been part of the life in the district, is gradually fading. It is hoped that with the pace of agricultural and Irrigation are taking place Morena will be one of the highly proific , developed & prosperous district of the State in due course of time.

Rail and road transport are common means of communication. About 15 percent of the villages are connected by rail or bus routes. All the tehsil headquarters are connected by roads. Morena lies on the main trunk broad gauge railway route of central railway joining Delhi-Madras, Delhi-Bombay via Bhopal.