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Morena is one of the fifty two districts of Madhya Pradesh . The place gets its name from "mor" (peacock) and "raina"- which means a place where peacocks are found in abundance and is home to the largest number of peacocks in India ... know more

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लोकसभा निर्वाचन 2019

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भारत निर्वाचन आयोग द्वारा विधानसभा क्षेत्रों के लिए सामान्य प्रेक्षक नियुक्त किए गए हैं। प्रेक्षक मुरैना पहुंच गए हैं । आमजन निर्वाचन संबंधी विषय पर उनसे मिलकर समक्ष में चर्चा कर सकते हैं अथवा प्रेक्षको से मोबाइल पर भी चर्चा कर सकते है । .

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  • Second Randomization of polling parties was done 12/11/2018 after 5:00 PM in presence of respected observers, District election Officer, Returning Officers of various assemblies, CEO ZP Nodal officer of polling party Formation by DIO NIC using softwre approved by CEO MP.
  • First randomization of EVM was done in presence of political parties representatives, District Election Officer and Returning officers by DIO NIC using software provided by ECI.

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