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Sihoniya is a town in Morena district, in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The town is sometimes referred to as Suhania; in medieval times it was called Siṃhapānīya. The settlement has a long history and a number of notable monuments, one being of national importance and protected by the Archaeological Survey of India.
The most important temple at Sihoniya is that dedicated to Śiva and known today as the Kakanmaṭh, it is under the protection of the Archaeological Survey of India. The temple was built on a vast scale in the eleventh century and is one of the only surviving royal temples of the Kacchapaghāta dynasty.

The most significant temple in the town is dedicated to Ambikā Devī, the complex consists of two temples side-by-side, surrounded by a perimeter wall. The buildings are made of re-constituted and re-organised architectural fragments of various dates ranging from the ninth to the thirteenth centuries.

Immediately south of Sihoniya is a prominent Jain temple and complex, the Digambar Atishay Kṣetra. Jain stone images from the area have been collected and stored here.

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How to Reach:

By Air

Nearest airport from Sihoniya‘s is Gwalior Airport which is situated around 29.7 KM ditance. Gwalior Airport 29.7 KM. Jhansi Airport 122.9 KM.

By Train

Gohad Road railway station is the nearest railway station from Sihoniya. The straight line distance from Sihoniya to Gohad Road railway station is around 17.9 kilometer. The nearest railway station and its distance from Sihoniya are follows. Gohad Road railway station 17.9 KM. Malanpur railway station 19.0 KM. Sanichara railway station 23.1 KM. Morena railway station 26.9 KM. Nonera railway station 26.9 KM.

By Road

Sihoniya is connected by bus service from Morena and Gwalior. It is about 28 Kms from Morena and 55 Kms from Gwalior