Village & Panchayats

According to Census 2011, the total number of villages in the district are 815. Out of which 775 villages are inhabited and 40 villages are uninhabited. Tahsilwise number of villages are, Ambah(75), Porsa(75), Morena(179), Joura(247), Kailaras(105) and Sabalgarh(134). Number of Gram Panchayats are 489. There are 295 Patwarihalka, Revenue village 245 under revenue administration.

Gram Panchayat

Panchayat is the basic institution and the foundation of local administration. Under the Directive Principles of state policy, the Constitution of India provides for the Panchayatiraj System. Under 73rd amendment of the Constitution, Madhya Pradesh Government passed the Panchayat Adhiniyam in order to provide panchayats for all inhabited villages, Janpad panchayat for the blocks and Zila panchayat for the district. The Gram Sabha is a constitutionally approved unit and confer all major persons with voting rights to elect Panch, Sarpanch and members of the Janpad and Zila Panchayat. The state Government has given wide range of administrative powers to these panchayatiraj institutions.